Outdoor Signage

Electronic Message Center

Electronic Message centers are able to offer dynamic signage solutions. Their display message can programmed to change at a moment's notice which allows for an ever fresh look in the public eye. They come in a variety of sizes to fit any client's requirement.

Electronic Message Center

Neon and LEDs

Artiplex Signs offers both neon and replicated neon. With neon being a more expensive and hazardous type of signage, many businesses opt for a neon look, achieved with LEDs. They both achieve the same desired look and can be easily implemented with Channel Letters and other types of signs.

Neon Sign

Wall Mounted

Wall Mounted signs can come in many shapes in sizes; ranging from large projecting signs to smaller wall-mounted letters that help to identify your brand indoors or outdoors. They can be installed on buildings ranging in size from skyscrapers to restaurants and everything in between.

Wall Mounted Signage


Awnings serve a dual purpose: they can be used to identify your business while also offering shelter to your clients. They can be enhanced with vinyl graphs and text and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.


Channel Letters

Channel Letters are mainly used in outdoor displays. They can be manufactured in many ways to offer a unique look for your business. Channel Letters are one of the more popular signage types that can be implemented wherever the client sees fit; in a variety of sizes. In addition to letters, illuminated faces are also a possibility.



Freestanding Signage is mainly used near roadways. Freestanding signs can be mounted on poles, pylons, monuments, or custom enclosures in order to effectively display your brand. Artiplex Signs is able to create freestanding signage that will fit your size and design needs.

Printed Graphics

Printed Graphics allow a wide range of freedom when it comes to brand image and design. They can be used temporarily or permanently to prominently display a brand on any surface imaginable. Artiplex Signs is able to offer printed graphics for a variety of corporate and personal needs.

Printed Graphics

Parking Lot Signs

Artiplex Signs is able to offer a wide variety of custom and pre-made parking lot signage depending on the needs of the client. In addition to parking lot signage, Artiplex Signs is able to install and service parking lot lights.

Parking Lot Signage

Indoor Signage


Directories can be used in many buildings in order to direct through your business. Artiplex Signs offers many solutions that are tailored to your needs; whether it be way-finding, lobby signage, or room identifiers.

Directory Signage

Exhibit Signage

Exhibit signage involves many different types of signs as well as custom-built displays - all of which Artiplex has experience in. Distinguishing yourself from others is necessary in order to turn views into sales. Our experience in exhibits allows us to offer affordable, fast, and innovative signage that will make your trade show a success.

ADA Compliant

Artiplex Signs offers ADA compliant signage for interior way finding. ADA signage is required for buildings which serve the public.

ADA Signage